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Moving Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don’t you provide a move cost estimator on your website?
Establishing an accurate move budget is a critical first step in preparing for your relocation. “Ballpark”, website, or over-the-phone estimates do not take into consideration many facts of your move requirements that may significantly impact the overall move costs. Iron Man Moving employs a team of professional moving consultants trained in providing accurate, in-person estimates. By viewing the items in your home we can identify if there is any special handling required, determining the type and number of cartons necessary and establishing an accurate estimated weight and cost, you can be confident in the price we quote. As part of their initial visit and consultation, the Relocation Specialist will also provide helpful tips and critical shipping requirements for your valued possessions. Our goal is to establish a long-term customer. In order to achieve that goal it is critical to provide accurate information and cost estimates related to your move.

2. Do you give binding quotes?
Over the phone, a mover or broker may give you a quote that is generally not binding. A mover may give a binding, or “not to exceed” quote upon reviewing your items in person. Iron Man Moving will provide you with a binding accurate estimate.   

3. Does the quote include extra charges?
Yes, if we know about them.
For example – flight charges, long carry charges, appliance charges, storage charges, fuel charges, etc. If you have a piano or any other large items or uncertain circumstance you should let us know in advance, so there are no hidden costs.

4. Do you work for a broker?
Broker’s play a role in helping customers match up with moving companies. Keep in mind, however, that a broker cannot give you a binding estimate, A broker is not responsible for loss and damaged goods, or your final cost, a broker does not have a moving license.         

5. Can you explain your estimate in detail and why it’s higher or lower than your competitors’ quotes?
After you get pricing from 3 to 4 quality moving companies, it’s time to take a good look at what you’re getting for your buck. Whenever you get a quote thats lower than your other estimates, you should question why the mover is able to do a job for so much less than everyone else? It’s highly likely that you will end up paying much more later.

6. What happens on my interstate move if the large over-the road truck cannot access my residence?
A shuttle service is required whenever an interstate van is unable to reasonably access an origin or destination residence. It is often impossible for our estimator to determine at the time of the survey whether or not a shuttle will be required. In fact, in many cases, drivers themselves can’t tell until they actually try to maneuver the van in a difficult situation.
Shuttle service is an additional charge based upon the weight of your shipment.

7. Are you a member of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) or a local association?
Most professional companies will be member of AMSA for interstate movers and their local association for moves (like Long Island Moving and Storage Association). Their participation in these associations indicates a level of professionalism and willingness to stay abreast of the latest trends within their Industry. The Moving Doctor is a member of AMSA, BBB, LIMSA, New York State Movers and Warehouseman’s Association among other organizations.

8. What is your current Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating?
While it’s not a perfect source, the BBB is a third party organization that tracks consumer complaints. You can find information about a moving company at Even the best moving companies will have some complaints against them. The more moves they do each year, the higher the likelihood for complaints, seeing that things sometimes do go awry during a move. Review the nature of the complaints and how the company handled them. A good company will try to resolve any complaints, while unprofessional movers will not ever bother with them. Choose a company with a BBB rating that is ‘satisfactory’ or better and look for the BBB accreditation.

9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing my own packing?
Doing your own packing is great way to reduce the overall cost of moving. However, it is critical to have the movers pack your breakables in order for the items to be covered for breakage. Iron Man Moving can provide partial, or full packing services.

10. Can a mover move my paint, gas cans, or propane tanks?
No. Movers cannot move hazardous materials including paint, acids, explosives, compressed gases, gasoline, or stains or varnishes.

11. Can you move my live plants?
Generally not. On interstate or international moves the answer is no. They don’t travel well and often are prohibited goods by agriculture departments and others. On some local moves, weather premitting. Iron Man Moving may agree to move plans with limited liability.

12. When should I disconnect the phone and/or electricity?
It is recommended that you disconnect your phone and electricity the day AFTER your move.

13. What type of insurance is included in your quote? What else is available to me?
Basic coverage is 30 cents per pound or 60 cents per pound per article depending on the type of estimate you receive. Speak to your Iron Man Moving consultant about additional insurance options available.

14. What is the process if something were to break or is missing?
Iron Man Moving recommends that you file a claim soon after delivery. Please note that sensitive documents, currency, jewelry, furs and all articles of extraordinary value will not be covered, unless agreed between Iron Man Moving and the shipper and special arrangements have been made in advance. Items previously broken and repaired or any items that are not noted at delivery will not be covered as damaged

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